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We’ve grown up since you left.

You left to experience something different, explore the world and grow professionally. Now, it’s time to come home. You’ve grown up and so have we.

West Michigan is known for its natural beauty, beer, art, and friendly communities, but we’re so much more. Our region has the fastest growing economy in the United States and is home to over 130 international companies. Work in the big city, play in the country. We’ve got it all.

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We miss you.

During the pandemic, where you live matters now more than ever, and we’re happy to call West Michigan our home.

You’d be surprised to see what we’ve become. We look a lot different than you remember, even in the face of COVID-19. Our community is resilient, resourceful, open for business and full of wide-open spaces to live and breathe.

Opportunity awaits. Can you handle it?

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