Local Spotlight: Katie Doyen

Grand Rapids is home to a wide variety of amazing people, from those who were born here to those who traveled across the world to make our city their home. Each and every one of these individuals contributes to what makes our city, well, grand.
Katie Doyen is a wonderful example of a Michigander who traveled across the country, only to come back to settle right here, in Grand Rapids.

Old Stomping Grounds
Katie was born on the east side of the state, and she had taken a few vacations to Grand Rapids several years ago. However, her career led her to leave the mitten state for the mountains of Colorado.

Although she loved Colorado, she decided to return to Grand Rapids to serve as the Government Affairs Coordinator for the Grand Rapids Chamber. “I decided to leave Colorado because although the Rocky Mountains are beautiful, it does not compare to what Grand Rapids has to offer,” said Katie. “The community, culture, and fantastic Midwest vibes are exactly what I am looking for in the next step of my personal and professional life.”

A World of Opportunities
Our amazing community offers a wide range of experiences for guests and locals alike. As Katie said, “I love that there is always something to do, between the museums, event venues, shopping, and amazing food and drink options. I love cheering on the Griffins and grabbing a veggie burger from Stella’s!”

West Michigan, and particularly Grand Rapids, is also a great place for professionals to seek out the next step in their careers. Katie said, “When looking at the Grand Rapids Chamber, they serve a diverse and exciting community, they have their community’s support, and they are tackling issues head-on to create one of the best business climates in the country.”

She continued on to say, “This is exactly the type of environment that allows passion and hard work to thrive.”

When it comes to West Michigan as a whole, Katie really summarized what makes it so special. “West Michigan is beautiful and has amazing natural spaces with being so close to Lake Michigan. On the other hand, you still have the large cities with vibrant cultures and nightlife right in your backyard. It is the perfect place to get the best of both worlds.”

We couldn’t agree more. Learn more about the unique opportunities that Grand Rapids and West Michigan offer by visiting https://opportunityawaitswm.com/.

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